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For restaurants

Every year the number of people preferring delicious and healthy food increases. More and more we tend to replace meat in our diet with the numerous inhabitants of rivers, lakes and seas. Fish is truly a mother-lode of nutrients. Restaurants that strive to track and understand their customers’ tastes popularize and add seafood onto their menus.

Seafood restaurants open with increasing rate. Dear Restaurateurs, being needful for you is the greatest value for Trade Aqua Systems! Your daily routine is a love message to gastronomy where major attention is paid to unique and astonishing freshness of products. Our company will make sure that your clients enjoy only delicious and healthy food. Since there is nothing tastier and healthier than freshly caught and cooked fish. We know how to convince your patrons that fish at your restaurant is exclusively fresh. All you have to do is show it! This commodity is extremely easy to advertise. In fact, it advertises itself. It’s plain to see: if a fish is swimming right before your eyes and looks quite healthy, it suggests that it is fresh and not repeatedly frozen. Our specialists will help you to select the most suitable aquarium for your sales floor. Every aquarium is produced according to custom measurements and client’s requirements; multiple variants of shape, volume and trimming as well as aquarium filling are available. Sturgeon, sterlet, trout swimming before your customers’ eyes will become the zest of your place. You will always be able to surprise your patrons by exquisite dishes made from fresh oysters, lobsters, scallops, snails, wild salmon, octopus, Canadian lobsters, black cod, sea-bass fillet etc.