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About the company

The history of the company "TRADE AQUA SYSTEMS" began in 1992 with the founding of the capital Ukrainian Polesie, the city of Chernihiv small firm, one of the activities which have been manufacturing decorative aquariums.

One cannot build a decent future whilst discarding the past.

Around the same time, the production of aquarium equipment has become one of the specialties of the young company. Following prior years of the new century are time savings and improve the valuable experience creating these products.

The knowledge gained in almost a decade making decorative aquariums handy in 2001 when a group of specialists developed and installed in one of the shopping malls in Ukraine specialized aquatic systems for the sale of commercial fish. The positive experience of successful implementation of this new project was the impetus for further work in the new field of activity. The results were not long in coming – soon to favorable dynamics in the development of the production of commercial aquariums became apparent. The number of orders for equipment for live fish trade began to grow rapidly, which also was the impetus to create its own service.

Successful activity in the manufacture of professional Living fish complexes allowed the company to open in 2006 a new plant with advanced production capabilities. The experience gained by employees of the company over the years, as well as their professionalism, are key to the beginning of the development and implementation of their own modern technologies in the creation of this product. Within a few years a new business is proving to be an opportunity to develop further their own. Therefore, in 2008, created a separate business structure, specializing in the production of various equipment for breeding, maintenance, transportation and sale of fish and seafood.

Today the company “TRADE AQUA SYSTEMS” – is a modern and rapidly developing enterprise, the main achievement of which is a wealth of experience and the ability to implement projects of varying degrees of complexity. The range of the firm has a wide range of professional trading equipment – from exhibition aquariums for restaurants, to industrial systems for large fish companies and supermarkets. All these products are designed to implement, transportation and keeping freshwater and marine live fish products and other seafood.

At the moment, industrial tanks of “TRADE AQUA SYSTEMS” can be seen in shops and supermarkets largest retail chains in Ukraine, which is the best proof of their quality. Their service in different cities of the country provide service experts. The company constantly continues to improve the production process and produced aquarium complexes, aiming to realize all the wishes valued customers “TRADE AQUA SYSTEMS”.